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Stamping Services

Fabricating Precision stamped parts, especially durable medical products, printer components, and laryngoscope blades is our specialty.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

For over six decades, Cook Technologies has been providing forming, bending, blanking, deburring, & other precision sheet metal fabrication.

Wire Fabrication Services

Cook Technologies has been manufacturing custom wireforms especially suited for the medical, automotive, electronics, & healthcare markets.

Tube Bending Services

We bend and form tubes with round, rectangular, square, plus oval cross sections used in medical, automotive, plus electronics industries.

CNC Machining & Turning

As a make-to-print job shop, we offer milling, turning, drilling, and several other CNC machining services to manufacture OEM components.

Secondary Operation

We assemble and finish a wide range of components with our drill presses: belt & wheel grinders, plus Bridgeport milling machines.

Robotic & Resistance Welding & Brazing

With a series of welding equipment, in capacities ranging from 10kva to 150kva, we can perform resistance spot

Mechanical Joining & Finish Assembly

We specialize in the manufacture of custom finished assemblies made from ferrous as well as non-ferrous components.


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Aviva specializes in unique, proprietary and specialty aerospace products, military and commercial, in addition to industry standards.
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Aviva offers the most comprehensive selection of specially automotive parts in the industry. Our product offering is organized into distinct product categories.
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Aviva Technology with its vast potential is able to tap into the resources and expertise of a huge commercial operations that produces a huge number of trucks and engines for companies worldwide.
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Aviva Technology manufactures hundreds of intricate oil and gas industry parts. We machine and supply parts and components for all segments of the oil and gas industry.
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Aviva is one of the transportation industry’s leading parts distributors for transit and Coaches. We have been serving the bus and rail road industry, as a distributor and custom manufacturer, as an independent company.